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Global Outfitters publishing gallery promotes wildlife and adventure outdoor art. Including original works, prints, posters, sculptures, carvings and a range of other media. Working with artist worldwide to create and market their art.

28 new Libraries in the Outdoor University -- Get your Library card now! Promo code: Milspec20 - for 10-% discount at checkout on all products! Free Credit Card Knife Offer for a Limited Time
28 new Libraries in the Outdoor University -- Get your Library card now!
Promo code: Milspec20 - for 10-% discount at checkout on all products!
Free Credit Card Knife Offer for a Limited Time

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NEWEST GO Articles

Arkansas Pre-Rut Hunting Strategies

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Deer hunters love to talk about the rut more than any other subject under the whitetail hunting umbrella. From the beginning of bow season (and even before), discussions of rattling, grunting, chasing and scrapes are the topics of choice over morning coffee. By the time mid to late October rolls around, when the leaves are changing and the weather begins to cool, it might be harder to judge who's more in heat: the hunters or the does.

10 tips for Arkansas Resident Goose Season

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Early goose season is often overlooked because people think these are park or pet geese. But rest-assured, the resident geese are not stupid birds, they know the lay of the land. These 10 tips for Early Arkansas Goose Season will help you overcome the advantage they have on you and help you bag more birds.

Tallahatchie Duck Hunts

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Ducking hunting is alive and well in Mississippi. At Tallahatchie Hunts there are no classic duck hunting cliches.

An 8-Point Christmas Wish!

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Gift ideas for the hunter or huntress in your life!

Photo: Professional Outdoor Writer, Lisa Metheny, takes a great New Mexico mule deer with her Bowtech Heartbreaker!I love seeing my wife and sons open presents in as much as it adds to the magic of Christmas and promotes the heart of giving, at least it does to me. It's in that spirit that I hope to oblige you with some gift ideas I know your family of hunters will love!


.22 Magnum Ammunition: Choose Wisely

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles A lot of hunters don't realize that the terminal performance of .22 Magnum ammunition varies greatly from load to load. Maybe even more so than ammunition for most big game cartridges. The key to employing the .22 Magnum successfully is selecting ammunition best suited to the game you're hunting. With differently constructed bullets weighing between 28 and 40 grains, and velocities varying as much as 15%, your choice is critical.

Deer Vision - About their eyesight

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles White-tailed deer are truly magnificent animals, and the most sought-after big game species on earth. Among the traits that make them so fascinating and challenging is their eyesight.

Why Crank for Bass in November with Bass Pro Mark Davis

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Editor's Note: Bass professional Mark Davis of Mount Ida, Arkansas, is the only angler to have won the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year and the Bassmaster Classic Tournament in the same year - 1995, and he also won B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year in 1998 and 2001. Davis consistently places in the money and has earned more than $1-1/2 million from catching bass. To help you catch fish now, Davis shares one of his late fall tactics.

Cold Weather Bowhunting

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Seven Tips Every Extreme Hunter Should Know

Cold weather bowhunting offers great opportunities to see and harvest some of our nation's finest trophies in some of the most pristine environments on the planet however, doing so comes at a price. Do you have what it takes to stand up against brutal subzero conditions? Hunting deer in some of Montana's most brutal, bone-chilling environments, where survival is dependent on preparation and on the fly decision making has taught me some valuable lessons. Here are the top seven:


Different Types of Deer Urine

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

I recently ask Elam Lapp to explain the different types of whitetail urine use by deer hunters. Elam and his brother Ivan manage a urine collection facility voted number one by industry peers. In addition to supplying numerous lure suppliers, they have established two new Whitetail Bladder products of bulk lure for deer hunters.


St Croix Rod Avid Glass Ice Rods

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

St. Croix debuts three new AVID GLASS ICE Rods with integrated strike-indication systems


Common Persimmon : The Deer Magnet Tree

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Want a deer magnet? Find a fruit bearing Common persimmon tree and take a stand.

Most years the female Common persimmon tree bears fruit. Deer love this fruit when it ripens and falls to the ground in the autumn. It is usually available under the tree for a month or more as only a few persimmons fall at a time.


Scout / Hunting Rifle Workout

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

The Scout Rifle, as conceived by Gunsite founder Jeff Cooper, was supposed to be a short, light, handy rifle, with sufficient power and range to accomplish any reasonable task in the hands of a skillful rifleman. To me, a Scout rifle is sort of a cross between a battle rifle and a hunting rifle a rifle that would excel in both applications - a multi-purpose rifle.


Scent Control Makes Bowhunting Sense!

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Cooler temperatures are finally upon us, marking the beginning of what is sure to be a memorable hunting season for scores of hunters, myself included. And, if you are an avid bowhunter, chances are you plan to spend time with your bow in hand even during rifle season. Hopefully, your time afield prior to this season has afforded you ample opportunities to scout your hunting properties and layout your hunting spots after considering a few key concerns the greatest of these are scent control and wind direction.


Fishing the Alabama Rig to Catch Bass and Most Any Other Fish

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles At the end of October, 2011, when professional bass fisherman Dan Morehead of Paducah, Kentucky, accepted a $50,000 check and the keys to a fully-rigged Ranger boat worth $40,000, for wining the EverStart National Championship at Kentucky Lake, he helped to write a new page in the history of bass fishing with the new lure the Alabama Rig, created by Andy Poss of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Top Flies for King Salmon

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles A handful of proven flies is all you need to connect with king salmon!

Thanksgiving Specks, Reds & Flounder

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Catching Thanksgiving Specks, Reds and Flounder with Mississippi's Captain Matthew Tusa.

Editor's Note: Captain Matthew Tusa of Shore Thing Fishing Charters, based out of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, fishes about 250 days each year. Here's what Tusa has to say about fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast in November.


Goal Zero Nomad 13 Portable Solar Charger

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Out on some of the best fishing water you've ever fished. It's getting late and it's definitely time to check in and share what's important. Cell phone dead?


Best AR-15 Optics 3C - Trijicon ACOG Field Review

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Pig Down! Putting the Trijicon ACOG to the test in a recent wild boar hunt in South Carolina!


Katadyn Hiker Pro Portable Water Filter

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Great water filter, easy to use, fast, durable and long lasting. Simply, I love it. Rating 4.5 out of 5


Byron Ferguson joins Whitetail Bladder Pro Staff To Hunt new Lure

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Outdoor Hall of Fame member Byron Ferguson joins Whitetail Bladder Pro Staff and will hunt this season with Early Season Scrape Line and Single'estrus whitetail lures.

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