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Global Outfitters publishing gallery promotes wildlife and adventure outdoor art. Including original works, prints, posters, sculptures, carvings and a range of other media. Working with artist worldwide to create and market their art.

28 new Libraries in the Outdoor University -- Get your Library card now! Promo code: Milspec20 - for 10-% discount at checkout on all products! All articles are listed in tyhe GOOU Main Campus Library
28 new Libraries in the Outdoor University -- Get your Library card now!
Promo code: Milspec20 - for 10-% discount at checkout on all products!
All articles are listed in tyhe GOOU Main Campus Library

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Pardon our CONSTRUCTION project: We are populating 28 new Global Outfitters Outdoor University LIBRARIES to help you learn Where to...go for your next adventure, How to...improve your skills and What with...products to insure success. Each month we will reach out to over 300,000 subscribers with a newsletter snapshot from each GOOU Library. Each library section includes:


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Enjoy the same complex search reaults you are accustom to when searching the GO database of 10,700 Outfitters. The Global Outfitters Outdoor University libary is indexed my subject categories including:

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Global Outfitters and Global Outfitters Outdoor University is Where to...go for your next adventure How to...improve your skills
What with...products to insure success.

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NEWEST GO Articles

Habitat Improvement 101 for the Bowhunter

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Bowhunting is all about getting up close and personal with the game animals we pursue. I like to call this getting into wolf range, inside the animal's personal space. Technology in the form of tree stands, scent eliminators and trail cameras have helped bowhunters tremendously over the years with getting close for those ethical, clean kill shots we all strive for. The next piece to that puzzle is creating an environment for those animals to be comfortable and relaxed, not to mention a place that they want to hang around frequently. Habitat improvement is the key, read on and I will show you some easy and inexpensive ways to do it.

An Alarming Trend in Concealed Carry that is No April Fools Joke!

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

I find it curious, if not aggravating when I hear a lot of noise how evil guns are when a firearm is used during a heinous crime. It seems like it is part of the required news reporting.

What about other crimes and accidents?

Just last week we heard of the tragic stabbings at the high school in Pennsylvania but no talk about the weapon used. The media pundits spoke about the alleged criminal and how he must have had some mental problems. He was a social outcast. But they didn't talk knives that much. When a gun is involved, watch out.


Simple Smoked Wild Pork Shoulder

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Looking for a simple way to turn that wild boar you just killed into some delicious table fare? I have provided some simple steps and a list of common ingredients for a flavorful rub that will have your guests raving at your next get together. Just because wild boars are becoming a major nuisance does not mean we cannot utilize the meat they provide to the fullest. Read on to find out how.

Poppers for Seatrout

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Make your seatrout fishing more fun by using surface lures!


Turkey Gun Modifications Using The Mossberg 935

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Averaging double "Grand Slams" over past years qualifies Dr. Warren Strickland as a knowledgeable resource when setting up shotgun for turkey hunting. Both Jim Martin and Warren start with the same Mossberg 935. Warren explains the modifications made to his gun as they pattern their guns for the upcoming turkey season. This is Part 2 of 6 in a series exploring all facets of setting up shotguns for turkey hunting.


How to Improve Turkey Population Creating Openings

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Outdoor Hall of Fame member J. Wayne Fears discusses how to improve your wild turkey population through habitat management by simply creating opening on 10% of your hunting property.


Learn to Make The Cut of a Turkey on a Box Call

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

This is a great video to watch if you want to master the cut of a turkey on a pot call or slate call. Jim Martin of Global Outfitters Outdoor University and Bass Pro Shops 1 Source, brings you a series of instructional videos to improve your turkey calling skills.


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