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Global Outfitters publishing gallery promotes wildlife and adventure outdoor art. Including original works, prints, posters, sculptures, carvings and a range of other media. Working with artist worldwide to create and market their art.

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Sign Up for any Newsletter in June to enter drawings
28 new Libraries in the Outdoor University -- Get your Library card now!
Promo code: Milspec20 - for 10-% discount at checkout on all products!
Free Credit Card Knife Offer for a Limited Time

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NEWEST GO Articles

Trijicon AccuPin Bow Sight

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Long-time industry leaders in illuminated riflescopes, Trijicon has brought their "Brilliant Aiming Solutions" to the archery world with the Trijicon AccuPin, a single-pin adjustable sight with some neat innovations. One of those solutions is a high-contrast triangular aiming point, which has proven more accurate in firearms. Another is a clear pin. In this configuration, the aiming tip points to your target instead of obscuring it, addressing a serious concern for many bowhunters.


Wildlife Art

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Join me as we explore the world of wildlife and outdoor adventure art.

Pattern, What Pattern?

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Hogs are a peculiar animal. They do what they want, when they want, and how they want to do it. A hunter scarcely sees another animal as difficult to pattern as a wild (feral) hog trying to pattern them generally results in a great loss of hair, dignity, and respect among hunting buddies who already understand that patterning is nearly futile.

Arkansas Duck Season 2014 News

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles As many of you may know the AGFC has three different season dates proposed for the 2014-2015 Arkansas duck season, which seems to be the norm around this time of year now. The normal date (option 1) is the weekend before Thanksgiving and is my bet for the opener.

The Evolution of Wild Hogs

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Do wild hogs exist in the wild anymore? We have all heard of the Piney Wood Rutter or the Razorback hog, but do they still exist in the wilderness???

The Great Kansas Buffalo Hunt

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles If you don't have an 1880s style plains buffalo hunt on your bucket list, let me recommend you try one. Roughing it in a dirt dugout and hunting off of horses using single shot Sharps rifles is definitely a unique challenge.

About Removing Stumps From a Food Plots

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles By J. Wayne Fears
What you have heard about using deer to remove small stumps is correct in many cases. By making each stump an artificial salt lick, in time, the deer will keep digging until they dig the stump up. The best time to start the process is in the summer.

Fantasy Fishing Trip with DOA Lures' Founder & President Mark Nichols

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Editor's Note: Mark Nichols, president and founder of DOA Lures in Stuart, Florida, provided a fantastic day of fishing at Big Mud Creek in St. Lucie, Florida that would be every angler's dream fishing trip.



Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles J. Wayne Fears

Research done for establishing a long term perennial food plots recommend that Durana clover be considered as the crop to plant due to its shade tolerance, wide adaptability to weather extremes, low maintenance, high protein content (up to 28%) and long life, 7 years or more with proper management.


Introducing Hunter Worth - Chapter Two

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Duck Hunting with Flash
By Josh Wolfe

"They're gonna do it," Hunter said. "They're locked up. They're gonna do it." He felt lightly for his shotgun as he kept his eyes glued to the sky. His fingers touched the cold steel and his hand slid around the stock. His father blew another series of feeding chuckles and then let the calls rest on his chest, dangling from the band-laden lanyard. Hunter's black lab, Flash, sat motionless on the dock just outside the blind, his thick coat sleek and beautiful in the early morning sun. Hunter had been admiring the dog when Flash tensed up and looked skyward. The ducks made one final swing and Hunter's father gave the signal, "Take 'em."


Chattokee Lodge-Continental Pheasant Hunt

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Outfitter Review: My recent trip to Chattokee Lodge was to be my introductory experience to the world of hunting, lodges and so forth. I was quite excited to be recruited as an extra camera man, to help film the recent continental pheasant hunt. Rolling up a gravel road...


Top Flies for Silver Salmon

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

With this handful of proven flies, you can catch silver salmon anywhere! Within a certain set of parameters, silver salmon will eat ANYTHING. OK, that requires a little explanation.


Cleanwaste's Go Anywhere Portable Toilet - A Review

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Cleanwaste's Go Anywhere Outdoor Toilet is a must-have item for groups or campers where there is no plumbing. When Kristin Bell insisted we use a Go Anywhere Portable Toilet for the Indian River Lagoon Paddle Adventure I did not like the idea.


How to Catch the Crabs and Enjoy It

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Arguably one of the meanest creatures on the planet, the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) is also one of the tastiest. This piece briefly discusses where to catch crabs, and how to go about it.

Riflescope Magic: Working With Reticles

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles By: Richard Mann

Ballistic reticles have become all the rage. In some ways this is a good thing because it helps hunters hit at longer distances. It can be a bad thing if it inspires hunters to shoot beyond a range where they are capable of hitting, especially if doing so without prior certification their reticle is actually telling them exactly where their bullet will hit. I've experimented with most of the ballistic reticles available and have yet to find one that does not work. The trick is spending time on the practice range to obtain the proper zero and validate additional aiming points.


How to Choose the Right Pair of Sunglasses

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Good sunglasses help you see better and protect your eyes from flying hooks. Learn to choose the best glasses for you.

How to Catch MONSTER TROUT In The Land Of Fire & Ice

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

Some of the world's most spectacular trout fishing happens in Argentina. This is the best of the best! John Goodall probably had no inkling of the incredible fishery he was creating when he first planted brown trout (Salmo trutta) in the Rio Grande River, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina in 1935.


Halibut Enchilada Recipe From Port Lions Lodge, Kodal Island

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

One of Alaska's most well know fishing and hunting lodge is Port Lions Lodge on Kodiak Island. This recipe comes courtesy of the lodge owners, Patti & James Stegall. Halibut is one of the finest eating fish available, and the Port Lions Lodge fleet can help you fill your cooler.


Whitetail Bladder Introduces Innovative Deer Hunting Products

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

For Immediate Release:

Whitetail Bladder releases two new innovative deer hunting products just in time for the 2014 hunting season. Early Season Scrape Line and Single'estrus are the first bulk deer lures available to hunters, enabling them to use scents to attract deer as nature intended.


Travelling on a Hunting Trip with a Pelican

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

A cross-country hunting trip can be a great adventure. It can also be a nightmare with all your valuable hunting gear including your firearms. In this article, I share my recent experience travelling with valuable and precious cargo no to mention a Pelican!


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