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Top Sporting Deals

Center-Lok Overhead Gun Rack For Trucks

Great Day’s Center-Lok Overhead Gun Rack for full-size pickup trucks employs our patented “Opposing Forces” installation system. $130 - $140

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Kakadu Bowling Bag

Kakadu Bowling Bag Made with heavy duty canvas, brass hardware and finished with cow hide trim. This 4 pocket bowling bag has snap down pockets, an adjustable padded strap and an inner security pocket. $35

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How to Manage Native Deer Plants - Signed Edition

The planting of food plots has become a big part of deer habitat management. Each year millions of dollars are spent on the planting of food plots. Just $5.

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Custom Gut Hook Skinner Knife

The Custom Gut Hook Skinner Knife was handmade by Alabama Custom Knives. The knife is stag-handled featuring a 6″ gut-hooked stainless steel blade, sharpened by hand and a custom leather sheath. $35

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CampMaid Multi-Tool + CampMaid Charcoal Holder

CampMaid Dutch Oven Multi-Tool - Removes Lid - Pot Holder - Serving Stand. CamMaid Charcoal Holder - Multi-use option for cooking on the lid as a skillet - Holds charcoal in place for even heat - Clamp on handle for adjustable cooking - Steel tray for durabilty & convenience - Great for starting charcoal with its air flow design. $59.98

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Antique Leather Ball Cap

Dorfman-Pacific – Stylish, antique leather cap for the hunter, outdoorsman or just hanging around the lodge. One size fits most. Velcro backstrap. $15

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Today's Adventure Destinations

Wild Turkey Hunting

We are offering three day hunts from $850 per hunter. Hunt any species with our certified Outfitters in North America.

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Trophy Bass Fishing

A 5-Star log complete with meals is your base of operations for a bass fishing trip of a lifetime. Bring up to two non-participating guest for no charge when two fisherman book two days.

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Georgia Wild Hog Hunts

Hunt wild hogs in middle Georgia with Woods-N-Water. $300 per day includes meals and lodging.

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Featured Articles & Videos
Hunting - Gundog

Foundation Lessons For Gundog Training Using Operant Conditioning – Video

This drill incorporates a place board, body language and a clicker to mark the desired behavior. The total objective is to build focus with this drill, rewarding focus with positive reinforcement of a treat.

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Turkey Hunting

Learn to Make The Cut of a Turkey on a Slate Call – Video

Once ready Jim will show you how to hold the pot and striker, then to start by making a basic cluck. When this is mastered you will work on the rhythm of a turkey making a cut.

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Shooting - Turkey

Turkey Gun Modifications Using The Mossberg 935 – Video

Averaging double “Grand Slams” over past years qualifies Dr. Warren Strickland as a knowledgeable resource when setting up shotgun for turkey hunting. Both Jim Martin and Warren start with the same Mossberg 935.

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3 Different Lead Methods For Wing Shooting and Target Shooting With Shotguns

Hall of Fame shooting instructor, Terry Hertick of Terry Hetrick Shooting School, and Top Shot winner Chris Reed, show us 3 Different Lead Methods For Wing Shooting and Target Shooting with the shotgun.

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How to Catch and Release Fish Successfully

The late Lee Wulff said, “A gamefish is too valuable to be caught only once.” Here’s how to handle that prize so it survives its encounter with you! From the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s website come the following catch and release tips:

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Archery - Turkey

How To Execute A Controlled Burn or Prescribed Burn to Enhance Habitat

After a March morning turkey hunt in Northeast Alabama at Chattokee Lodge, I joined lodge owner, Harlan Starr on a controlled burn project.

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Fig Stuffed Speckle Belly Goose
Archery Practice With Dr. Warren Strickland

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