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Today's Adventure Destinations

Whitetail Deer Hunts

We are offering multiple whitetail deer hunting specials east of the Mississippi, both management hunts and free range packages available. Largest typical deer in the south hunted on over 3,000 acres.

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Trophy Bass Fishing

A 5-Star log complete with meals is your base of operations for a bass fishing trip of a lifetime. Bring up to two non-participating guest for no charge when two fisherman book two days.

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Wild Hog Hunting

Early fall is a perfect time to put meat in the freezer hog hunting. We are offering Russian Boar hunts and wild feral hogs hunts from multiple outfitters from Iowa to south Florida. Let us help book your hunt.

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Top Sporting Deals

GhostStryke by SportEar

We are bringing the house down with this special price and FREE shipping. This is the latest technology on the market and we want everyone that shoots and hunts to afford this awesome product by SportEAR. Protect, enhance while preserving your hearing.

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Tree Locker

Allow immediate and easy access to all of your treestand hunting essentials. No more riffling through zippered pockets or digging to the bottom of your pack. Wear it as a backpack to the tree stand; the pack is equipped with an adjustable tree attachment system that fits most trees.

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Whitetail Bladder

Two BULK Whitetail lure products to improve your chances of harvesting dominate trophy bucks. With 128 or 64 ounces of pure whitetail urine and real glands in a IV dispensing unit, plus 4 – 4 ounce refillable bottles giving you the supply you need to effectively use lures all season without breaking your bank.

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Snap-Lock Hunting Blinds

Formex Snap-Lock Portable Hunting Blinds in 4' x 4' and 4' x 6' models are a portable or permanent solutions taking less then 15 minutes to set up and weighs less then 80 lbs when assembled. Features a rugged design that is meant to last!

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Instaflame Organic - FREE Sample

This waterproof Firestarter is the cleanest, safest and most ecological firestarter available.

Perfect for starting Charcoal BBQ's, Fireplaces, Wood Stoves and Campfires

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Counter Ambush Home Training Course

The CAT Home Study course is the first distance learning course ever offered by I.C.E. Training Company. This course is about HOW and WHY your should train for personal defense, especially for the unexpected defensive shooting.

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Featured Articles & Videos

Scent Control Makes Bowhunting Sense!

Cooler temperatures are finally upon us, marking the beginning of what is sure to be a memorable hunting season for scores of hunters, myself included. And, if you are an avid bowhunter, chances are you plan to spend time with your bow in hand even during rifle season.

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Common Persimmon: The Deer Magnet Tree

Want a deer magnet? Find a fruit bearing Common persimmon tree and take a stand. Most years the female Common persimmon tree bears fruit. Deer love this fruit when it ripens and falls to the ground in the autumn.

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Scout / Hunting Rifle Workout

The Scout Rifle, as conceived by Gunsite founder Jeff Cooper, was supposed to be a short, light, handy rifle, with sufficient power and range to accomplish any reasonable task in the hands of a skillful rifleman. To me, a Scout rifle is sort of a cross between a battle rifle and a hunting rifle a rifle that would excel in both applications - a multi-purpose rifle.

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Fly Fishing

Top Flies for King Salmon

A handful of proven flies is all you need to connect with king salmon! In Alaska's Goodnews River, king salmon typically rest in seam water that's six to eight feet deep. There's always a strong current. If you want to catch one with a fly rod you usually need a fast sinking fly line and a fast sinking fly.

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Freshwater Fishing

Fishing the Alabama Rig to Catch Bass and Most Any Other Fish

At the end of October, 2011, when professional bass fisherman Dan Morehead of Paducah, Kentucky, accepted a $50,000 check and the keys to a fully-rigged Ranger boat worth $40,000, for wining the EverStart National Championship at Kentucky Lake...

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Saltwater Fishing

Thanksgiving Specks, Reds & Flounder

Editor’s Note: Captain Matthew Tusa of Shore Thing Fishing Charters, based out of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, fishes about 250 days each year. Here’s what Tusa has to say about fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast in November.

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Speed Load Training - Shotgun
Venison Swiss Cubed Steak

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