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Our blogs and store are moving to SportingDealNews.com by Global Outfitters
Our blogs and store are moving to SportingDealNews.com by Global Outfitters



Welcome Artists! Global Outfitters offers you an unmatched online resource to grow your art sales and manage your business. All, without the need for a webmaster! Your art gallery is advertised throughout the Global Outfitters neighborhood of web portals for wildlife and adventure art, hunting, fishing, shooting travel and publications.

Below are some the main benefits associated with becoming a Global Outfitters' Wildlife Artist. If you have any questions please look at Help for Artist or Contact Us.

Artist Limited Time Offer

A refundable $125.00 startup fee gets you 12 months membership on Global Outfitters.

Sell your Original Works

At Global Outfitters we specialize in Original Works of Art.

List Your Gallery Information

Earn money on your Hunting and Fishing Gear that has been retired with our FREE Classified Postings

Your Art Displayed Throughout the GO site
Request reservations from Outfitters for trips based on date and price

Categorized Searchable Art
FREE Real Estate Posting for Hunting and Fishing Properties for Sale or Lease


How Can Artists Get Started?

Partnering with Global Outfitters Art is easy. For a limited time we are providing the following introductory offer:

A refundable $125.00 startup fee gets you 12 months membership on Global Outfitters:

Build your virtual gallery and sell your "Drop Ship" art:

Drop Ship from your inventory via secure shopping cart: You calculate and keep the shipping and handling fees. You keep 60% of the retail price of the art (70% on originals). GO transfers fund to you within 48 hours of customer delivery.

Consign your Originals to the GO Art Gallery in Huntsville, Alabama: We focus on marketing your originals from our Gallery and across the Global Outfitters website. When we sell your original you keep 70% of the sales price.

Purchased Art: Global Outfitters purchases art from our artist for Global Outfitters Gallery. We work with our artist on a 50% split for these purchases.

Rebate: If Global Outfitters generates $125 in revenue from your art sells in the first 12 months, we will rebate your setup fee of $125, or put it towards your second year membership --- You decide.

Go through the sign up process below, and enter your company information. A Global Outfitters Art Manager will contact you for payment method, review and post your new gallery on Global Outfitters Art.

Need Help? Download the ARTIST TUTORIAL. It will assist you through the easy sign up process using the Artist Admin interface. Log in to your Company Location, edit your company information, price your art, and publish your personal online Gallery. A Global Outfitters Art Manager will review and post your business on http://www.GlobalOutfitters.com/Pages/Art.asp

Get Started Now!

Let us do more…by teaming with you to better manage your business, and attract new customers!

Display your originals and reproductions at Global Outfitters' Art Gallery located in Huntsville Alabama, where nationally known artist, photographers, sculptors, carvers, and craftsmen display their works.

Manage your Virtual Gallery and allow customers to purchase art from you with a secure transaction.

Categorize each work of art for search optimization. The public can search for your artwork either by artist name, subject, medium or species. Global Outfitters has the expertise to register and advertise your art for sales success through increased visibility to a targeted market.

Be a part of Global Outfitters "Meet the Artist" with John Warr. John produces interviews with Artists to discuss their works of art. Tag these interviews to the detail page for each work of art. "Meet the Artist" will be available 24/7 in streaming video on MyGOSpace.

Join Global Outfitters' artist educational forum for artist by artist, including the latest in market trends, painting techniques, printing advise and tips, art show news, only to mention a few.

Take advantage of custom framing for artwork in our Huntsville Gallery.

Publishing services for your original artwork including the latest in Giclee' printing.

The GO technical support for your entries, or if you are unable to perform these entries, we can do this for you.

Receive payment for your art sales within 48 hours of delivery conformation to the customer.

If you are unable to perform the entry of your products and images, the GO technical support team can assist you.

Contact: Sales@GlobalOutfitters.com or call us at: (256) 585-1677

If you have any questions please contact us.



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