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Available in 128 ounce and 64 ounce bladders with refillable squirt bottles.

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Article Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2012
Global Outfitters Outdoor Blogs and Articles   
By: Richard MannBy: Richard Mann

Of all the field shooting positions, the kneeling supported position is the one most often done incorrectly. It is a very useful position, swift to assume and, if done correctly it offers a very stable shooting platform. This is a useful position when calling coyotes if you are behind a adequate support or maybe if you are using shooting sticks where there is high grass you have to be able to see over.

For this position to work you have to have some sort of forward support for your rifle. This could be a rock, stump, log or even shooting sticks. Kneel behind the support but unlike the with unsupported kneeling position, place your support side knee on the ground. The elbow of your shooting arm should be placed on your opposite knee. This provides forward support for the rifle via your rest and rear support for the rifle from your strong side leg and arm.

Now, what to do with your support arm? If you are using shooting sticks you may need to stabilize them with your support arm. Otherwise, reach across under the butt stock of the rifle with your support hand and grab a handful of the sleeve around the bicep of your shooting arm. Then, torque your wrist so that your jacket or shirt material tightens across your back. This also helps to wedge the stock of the rifle into your shoulder pocket. How stable is this position? I've repeatedly hit 12 inch targets at distances beyond 400 yards using this technique.

Key points of the kneeling supported position are you place your support side knee on the ground and to rest your strong side elbow on your strong side knee.

A trick to use with the kneeling supported position is to reach under the stock with your support hand, grasping and torquing the shirt or jacket material around the bicep of your shooting arm. This strengthens your position.

Coyotes don't always come in close. Being able to shoot accurately from various positions and at longer ranges increase your chances for success.

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