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Article Date: Sunday, October 13, 2013
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GO Outdoor University - Vol. 1.
By: Hunter Worth
Feature Article - Adventure -

Hunter watched as the squirrels chased each other from tree to tree while his dog, Flash, looked on intently, waiting on Hunter to loosen up on his collar. Hunter had recently graduated from high school where he was a star athlete and a good student. He put a lot of time into sports and a fair amount into his studies, but Hunter's true passion hung solidly, like a well-built ladder stand, in the outdoors.

Hunter always knew he would go to college to study wildlife science, but he needed more experience in the science aspect. Hunter heard, from his uncle, about a recreational and educational camp called Heritage Quest that was looking for young, energetic and passionate adolescents who shared a love for everything outdoors. Watching the squirrels chase each other and watching his Labrador retriever never lose sight of the vermin made Hunter grin, he appreciated the little things. The sunset coolly in the western sky and Hunter was already looking forward to Monday morning when he would go down to Heritage Quest USA to apply for a job.

Write to Hunter: Hunter Worth

You can learn more about Hunter Worth and his adventures at http://www.HeritageQuestUSA.com

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