Showdown in the Swamp Competition in Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, Hosted and Global Outfitters. Chris Reed, Tome Boatwright, John Stanley, Kevin Reese and guides from 5RDS will complete in a four day competition. Fishing, Frog Gigging, Bottle Fishing, Hog Hunting, Fly Fishing, Bow Fishing, remote camping, tactical birding, rifle, shotgun and pistol competitions. Canoe and Kayak competitions
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Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters

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Article Date: Sunday, July 15, 2012
Global Outfitters Outdoor Blogs and Articles   
By: Sam HallThe Global Outfitters Show this fall on Pursuit
By Sam Hall

Global Outfitters and 5 Rivers Delta Safaris will host a Showdown in the Swamp. This summer and fall, two three-man teams will compete in a pentathlon staged in the sloughs, bayous and backwaters of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta.

Team captains Chris Reed and Tom Boatwright are no strangers to fierce but friendly competitions. Reed, winner of History Channel's Top Shot, has competed numerous times against Boatwright, two-time winner of the Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge. Their teams include area guides from 5RDS, Pinnacle Award winning outdoor writer Kevin Reese, and another Total Outdoorsman competitor, John Stanley, from Texas.

Global Outfitters President and Host, Sam Hall, adds, "This event would not be possible without an experienced Outfitter and Guide service like 5 Rivers Delta Safaris. We have worked closely with 5RDS co-owner, Kristian Aboud, to develop some out-of-the-box competitions testing the skills and endurance of our teams during the four-day event." Traditional test of skills will include shooting on the range and in the Delta, using the latest firearms and archery products. Fishing competition will span estuaries from the saltwater bay to the deep river basin of the Delta. Fly fishing, bow fishing, trot lines and jug fishing are all on the table.

Some of the more unique competitions will span days. Contestants will be task with taking down wild hogs, earning points based on trapping, using firearms or archery weapons. Trapping venomous snakes, frog gigging, survivalist camping, remote cooking, and obstacle courses will test their woodsman skills.

A tactical birding competition will challenge the stealth, game calling and photography skills of the competitors to call up and photograph various birds of prey resident to the Delta.

Global Outfitters will keep you posted as the teams and film crews descend on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta for the "Showdown in the Swamp". The entire event will be chronicled and reported as it happens, and played out on the Global Outfitters Show.

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