Youth Hunting memories in the black belt or antler belt in Alabama is rich with Boone & Crocket whitetail deer records for typical and non-typical deer. Large mouth bass, bluegills and wild turkey long beards are other reasons to visit Leavellwood for your next adventure. Global Outfitters and Global Outfitters Outdoor University feature Leavellwood as a premier adventure destination. Virtual Tours, videos and photo galleries show off this awesome privately owned lodge open to the public. Extreme fresh water fishing for bluegill and large mouth bass.
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Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters

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Youth Adventures in the Black Belt Region of Alabama Make Text Smaller Make Text Larger Reset Text

Article Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Global Outfitters Outdoor Blogs and Articles   
GO Outdoor University - Vol. 1.
By: Sam Hall
Feature Article - Adventure - Advertorial

Outfitter Review: Learning about our newest Alabama Outfitter partner, Leavellwood, has rekindled great experiences from my youth.

As a young boy growing up in Alabama hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors, my father made sure we touched ground in every region of the state. He was an outdoorsman, not a great outdoorsman, but a great educator, and he made sure I was taught or subjected to the vast natural resources the fair state of Alabama offers.

Somewhere somebody out there is on an adventure in Alabama's Black Belt.

Land of Muscadine wine, Wisteria Vine and Live Oak trees,

And the Spanish moss --- dances a slow waltz --- in a cool steady breeze

Where the game runs wild and the fish are so... BIG,

And the rich soil is black as coal, no matter how deep you dig

After a day spent with your gracious hosts, well you'll see just how I've felt,

And, you will want to plan your next adventure to the Alabama Black Belt.

My right of passage of becoming a teenager was a father and son to a real hunting lodge in the black belt region of Alabama. He called it the antler belt for growing monster buck racks. Black belt, antler belt, whatever I was excited and didn't get much sleep in anticipation of our three-day adventure. My gear was neatly packed over and over to insure readiness. Remington model 1100 12 gauge shotgun was cased with both buckshot and slugs in a zip-lock bag. Sleeping bag rolled tight along with ditty bag and clothing in an old army duffle bag...I was ready!

Deer camp was in west central Alabama covering large parcels of timber country across Greene and Sumter counties. There were lots for new friends visiting with fathers, uncles and grandfathers. The young folks slept on army cots in a large bunk room, shielded from the musical snoring of grown-ups. We ate wild game around huge dining tables and listened to hunting stories around the campfire. Learned to clean a deer, butcher the meat and divvy up proportions to share with everyone in camp. This was a true group sport. Shooting our guns on the range and fishing in the ponds were midday activities for those not napping, tracking with blood hounds, or still hunting.

This was my first experience with pickup truck caravans loaded down with hunters staging massive man drives using modern CB communications. I was able to participate as a driver on foot as well as a stander, but was better suited for the action of driving, hopping and hollering much more than the being on stand. Although neither of us bagged a deer, Dad and I shared in the experiences and bounty of deer camp. Having a membership or invitation to an organized hunting lodge on 100's of thousands of acres was very special. This is a bygone era. Things are very different today with over one hundred privately owned hunting and fishing lodges open to the public in Alabama, making it a top location for adventure seekers from over the globe.

Leavellwood is just such a place, created for the express purpose of providing quality fishing and hunting for its customers. A first class environment offering both recreation and relaxation for everyone that steps foot on the property Leavellwood is located in Greene County, Alabama, 45 miles southwest of Tuscaloosa. The rich blackbelt soil is famous for growing truly large deer, bass and wild turkey. Greene County holds the State Record for Boone & Crocket non-typical buck and is in the top three for typical bucks.

Leavellwood's state-of-the-art media offering allows potential clients to explore the property through the website with virtual tours, videos and photos. Truly experiencing Leavellwood before ever stepping foot on the property. You will feel at home at this family owned business. The accommodations are rustic elegant, and the food is true southern. Next time you are planning a trip for business or family, adventure or relaxation, look into Leavellwood in Alabama's black belt, or as dad called it, antler belt.

Make sure you share your knowledge of the outdoors with some youth. Plant the seed and pass the torch!