Instructions on how to assembly your wood duck box kit. Step by step instructions that includes the tools and materials you will need for assembly. There are links to a video about assembly of your wood duck box. Sponsored by Global Outfitters and Heritage Quest USA. Earn a badge by building and placing a wood duck box.
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Article Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Global Outfitters Outdoor Blogs and Articles   
By: Hunter Worth

Congratulations on acquiring your wood duck box kit! You are on your way to earning a Heritage Quest USA merit badge for building and placing your wood duck box. Let's get started.

Tools to get the job done:

16 gauge air nailers work great to speed up large projects, but a standard hammer and nails work well, as do wood screws. Recommended nails are #16 x 1 1/2 inch galvanized finishing nails. You will need weather resistant wood glue. A power drill, either electric or cordless, with a 3/16 inch drill bit and a Phillips-Head screw bit. Nice to have a tape measure on hand.

You can watch an assembly video at:

Download a printable .PDF of Wood Duck Box Instructions.

Now get your tools together and lets assemble your wood box kit.

Step 1. Apply glue and attach the fixed side panel to the back panel, keeping the two panels flush along the top. Note: The side panel is slightly larger than the door panel.

Step 2. Apply glue along two edges of the floor panel and install the floor, keeping it recessed up approximately 3/8 inch. Location of drainage slot is important for correct fit.

Step 3. Apply glue then attach front panel, keeping it flush along top and side panels. Keep grooves on the inside of the box.

Step 4. Apply glue along three top edges and attach roof, keeping flush with back and side panels.

Step 5. Attach door panel using two wood screws supplied in your kit. Mount leaving 1/8 inch gap along top so door will open freely. Over tightening screws will restrict door movement.

Step 6. Use the 3/16 inch drill bit to drill a hole through the front into the closed door. Then ins the door lock pin supplied with your wood duck box kit.

Step 7. Apply glue and attach perch approximately 5 in. below entrance hole in box.

Step 8. Step back and admire your beautiful and well built wood duck box. The only remaining item that came with your kit is wood shavings. We recommend you leave in bag and place in box for safe keeping until you mount your wood duck box.

See the "Placing your Wood Duck Box" document and video to learn the options you have in selecting a location, choosing the best time, and how to install your wood duck box.