Wilderness Calls

A family site that welcomes all who love nature or the sport of hunting or fishing. Join us through our website or our home location in Stewart County, GA, where we enjoy GA hunting. We specialize in whitetail deer, wild hogs and turkey hunts. See our website ( www.wildernesscalls.com) for more reviews.

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Recent Testimonial

Grandma Liz's version of their nature trip to Wilderness Calls Every year I take my grandsons somewhere special to spend time with them during their Spring Break. This year was no different and the boys wanted to visit Wilderness Calls again as we did a couple years ago. This was certainly a memorable trip from beginning to end. First we set off all crammed and packed in a little Honda with our trusty GPS to guide us. I set the GPS to avoid highways so we had a very long scenic journey. By late afternoon we were facing the clay road which had given us so much terror a couple years ago. 8 year old Nathan advised he was closing his eyes, while Donald and Blake gave driving instructions. Their instructions were so detailed I closed my eyes too! Ha Ha Finally we arrived and the boys sprang from the car and stretched their legs. The next three days were full of activity (for the four wheeler mainly). The boys rode four wheeler, we hiked and also did some fossil hunting. Evenings were spent by the campfire roasting marshmallows. I did not need to tell the boys to go to bed at night because they usually took their selves and by 10pm we were all snug in bed. We were lucky on our visit to have beautiful weather the entire time. On the last day the boys went with Sam, the Wilderness Calls guide, and came back to tell me what they had learned about in the event they ever were lost in the wilderness. I was pretty impressed. I want to also say that for 3 days there was no television or game playing and no complaining about being bored. In fact, on day three, I was surprised to find the boys up in the loft reading a book together. Blake, who is now 6 was so proud to finally be able to ride in the camp area on the 4 wheeler alone. Nathan, age 8 learned to handle the tractor as well as some lessons about becoming a young man. Donald enjoyed himself but learned about breaking camp rules, when he complained about dinner and earned himself dish duty! The day to depart arrived and we loaded up the Honda and turned on the GPS to head back home. Everyone complained they wanted to stay. On our ride back Nathan and Blake suddenly announced their grasshoppers had escaped their bug cages. It was special as they then advised the grasshopper was on my shoulder! Thank goodness, for lonely country roads, as the car swerved, the grasshopper hopped and we all screamed! Not to worry, I got out my trusty aloe hand sanitizer and cleaned that grasshopper right up. Cleaned the dashboard too! I changed to GPS to allow highways as I know the bug containers held multiple grasshoppers and we took the speedier route home! I do want to say taking a trip like this is a wonderful idea for any type of family unit. Get rid of everyday stress and go back to the basics and nature. No matter who you are a trip like this can renew you as well as give a wonderful opportunity for family bonding. I guarantee it! You will laugh and be amazed. Not everyone can stay at Wilderness Calls but I encourage you to find somewhere similar and get away from life's daily stress. Liz Nathan, AKA Knothead, (age 8) shares his leason in survival My acsident One day in Gorga I was riding on the four weeler and went were I wasn't suppose to go. I drove rate whent rat over a tree i then got stuck and started panicking.I went rate in a cercal. The I wacked 5 miles then found my way back to the cabinnnnnnnnn. By Nathan age 8 alias Knothead Blake, AKA Runt, (age 6) gives his version of Wilderness Calls I got to ride 4 wheeler all by myself and Sam taught me to use the tractor. I caught grasshoppers and played in the mud. I like Georgia and am going back again! By Blake ...

Nature package at Wilderness Calls, three youths, 3/12/2011

About Us

At Wilderness Calls we have created a new concept that mixes hunting and fishing with the conservation of nature. Through our wildlife conservation, the wildlife will continue to flourish, in the wild as they were intended to do from the beginning of time. Through continuous conservation of nature, by planting new forest and protecting the natural forest we have created a place where wildlife will always be welcome. Wilderness Calls is located in Stewart County GA, where GA hunting is enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Our wildlife conservation efforts helps keep a great variety of wildlife present from whitetail deer, wild hogs, turkey as well as a number of smaller animals. You will be able to visit now and in the future, through actual visits or in the form of videos and pictures the marvel of nature in its' purest form. We also share some of our own family videos for you to laugh at and enjoy!