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Wood Duck Box Kit

Assembling this 100% cedar wood duck nesting box and placing it in the wild, earns you a Heritage Quest Waterfowl Merit Badge from Global Outfitters GO Youth program.

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Host Name Hunter Worth - Youth Editor
Hello, I am Hunter Worth, Youth Counselor at Heritage Quest USA. This is where you can keep up with my adventures at HQ as I create new merit badges and the curriculums to help you become a better outdoorsman. Our programs are for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are an individual or part of a youth organization our doors are open for you to expand your knowledge and skills of the outdoors. Contact Hunter by email at:

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Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Selecting A Youth Rifle

There are many rewarding aspects to being a parent but one of the biggest for me was being able to introduce my kids to hunting.

Click here to read more at SportingDealNews by Global Outfitters. A mobile friendly format.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Contributors wanted for Game, Fish, Fowl and Adventure Cooking

Are you a member of LinkedIn? Are you a fan of cooking wild game, fish, fowl and other cooking adventures at the lodge, in the hearth or over a campfire?

If so, consider joining our new LinkedIn Group GO Cooking Adventures in Wild Game, Fish, Fowl, Camp, Historic Cooking.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Introducing Hunter Worth - Chapter Two
Duck Hunting with Flash
By Josh Wolfe

"They're gonna do it," Hunter said. "They're locked up. They're gonna do it." He felt lightly for his shotgun as he kept his eyes glued to the sky. His fingers touched the cold steel and his hand slid around the stock. His father blew another series of feeding chuckles and then let the calls rest on his chest, dangling from the band-laden lanyard. Hunter's black lab, Flash, sat motionless on the dock just outside the blind, his thick coat sleek and beautiful in the early morning sun. Hunter had been admiring the dog when Flash tensed up and looked skyward. The ducks made one final swing and Hunter's father gave the signal, "Take 'em."


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Hunt Of A Lifetime

"Hunt Of A Lifetime" is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant hunting & fishing dreams for children age 21 and under, who have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. We are doing what we can to make a difference in their life, a dream come true. But we need your help, we are looking for people interested in helping the kids live their dreams, without you, we can't give them the dreams they so desire.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles GO Youth pin points Source of Earthquakes

Wilderness, USA: Today at Heritage Quest wilderness camp, GO Youth councilor, Hunter Worth, pointed to the final resting place of ol' Joe the turkey hunter as the source of quakes felt across the region. Per Hunter, we were up Cemetery Hill overlooking HQ headquarters just admiring the run of gobbles that rolled up the hill from the training center below. We knew Eddie Salter and Jim Martin of GO Game Calls were dueling to perfection on two of the "Haint" gobble calls from Down N Dirty Outdoors.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Book on King's Mountain Battle Wins National Book Award

Isaac - Trek to King's Mountain, by J. Wayne Fears, is awarded the prestigious Pinnacle Book Award given by the Professional Outdoor Media Association for outstanding achievement. It is the first time an e-book has won the award.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Build and Place a Wood Duck Box Earn a Badge

Video and Article: Calling for all youth to get involved!

This accomplishment-based youth program to support waterfowl habitat is the first in a series of badge projects sponsored by Heritage Quest USA and Global Outfitters GO Youth. The new program is open to all youth and youth groups alike, offering a path for them to become Master Outdoorsman. Individual youth and youth groups can work alone or team up with local Outfitters and organizations to get involved.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles The Christmas Gun - Daisy Red Ryder Model 1938

It was the Christmas of Christmas's. Under the red cedar Christmas tree, we had cut behind the barn, brought into the house and decorated with popcorn and colored paper chains, was my very own Daisy Red Ryder Carbine. It was a dream come true. Like Ralph in The Christmas Story, after months of frantic wishing, I had a real Red Ryder BB gun.

I don't remember how old I was when I got the Red Ryder Carbine. Not much over nine years if I had to guess. I am sure it was a financial strain on my parents budget to pay for the gun but thy felt it would help me learn responsibility and to learn the life skill of marksmanship. They were right on both accounts.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Book of the Year Awarded to J. Wayne Fears


At its annual conference in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association has selected the book: ISAAC - TREK TO KING'S MOUNTAIN by J. Wayne Fears to receive its first place award in the organization's Excellence in Craft awards program. Sponsored by Chevrolet, this is the first time an e-book has won the coveted award.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Introducing Hunter Worth: Chapter One

Hunter watched as the squirrels chased each other from tree to tree while his dog, Flash, looked on intently, waiting on Hunter to loosen up on his collar.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Happy Father's Day

Dear Dad,

On this special day reserved to honor fathers, I want to thank you, long overdue as it may be, for one of the most valuable gifts you have ever given me - a love of the outdoors. You dispensed it to me in small increments over many years, and I cherish every moment of its giving.

My earliest memories are of weekends when you would take time out for long strolls with me down the abandoned country road that led to the Clark River near our house. It was just you and me, and I felt important. Those long afternoon hikes down "the ol' backroad," as we called it, were great adventures to me.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Youth Adventures in the Black Belt Region of Alabama

Outfitter Review w/Video: Learning about our newest Alabama Outfitter partner, Leavellwood, has rekindled great experiences from my youth.

As a young boy growing up in Alabama hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors, my father made sure we touched ground in every region of the state. He was an outdoorsman, not a great outdoorsman, but a great educator, and he made sure I was taught or subjected to the vast natural resources the fair state of Alabama offers.


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