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Water Valley Lodge

Gilbertown, AL 36908
Water Valley Lodge is the destination for outdoorsmen looking for a first class hunting operation. Located in rural Choctaw County, Alabama, Water Valley offers whitetail deer hunting, Eastern turkey hunting, quail hunting and wild hog hunting. Read More ยป

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Check out our Shooting Page

Alabama Outfitters

Alabama is loaded with outdoor adventure opportunities for hunting, fishing and shooting. Global Outfitters strives to maintain a database of all Alabama locations to enjoy natural resources the state offers through lodges, guides, charters and shooting ranges. In June of 2013 we posted the latest listing of lodges in Alabama that offer hunting and freshwater fishing. You are also able to download this same listing with a break down of activities by outfitter lodge offering whitetail deer, hog, quail, dove, duck and fishing activities.

GO also sponsors the Alabama Adventure Lodge Cooperative, a listing of Alabama outfitters maintaining a code of ethics, while striving to present their operations transparently through media. Global Outfitter has conducted a site survey at each of these locations.

Global Outfitters Outdoor University (GOOU) has partnered with Bass Pro Shops new 1 Source website to produce videos teaching skills and techniques on the water and in the field. Some of Alabama's top outfitters participate providing a window into the knowledge and skills that set them apart.

Chattokee Lodge in Northeast Alabama offers Whitetail Deer hunts, turkey, duck, goose quail and dove. Owner, Harlan Starr, has been instrumental in helping produce educational videos on gundog training, turkey hunting and land habitat.

The Black Belt region offers that largest number of outfitters. When in west Alabama give Water Valley Lodge , or Leavelwood, the opportunity to host your adventure. Water Valley Lodge also specializes in whitetail deer, wild hog, turkey and quail hunts, while Leavelwood offers world class bass fishing, whitetail deer, turkey and quail. Both owners, Trey Montgomery at Leavellwood, and Jake Utsey of Water Valley Lodge have helped produce educational videos on plot management and managing lakes for monster bass.

White Oak Whitetails is thirty miles south of Birmingham, encompassing 2,850 acres in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachians and is the ultimate trophy deer hunting preserve in the South. It was developed to be hunted by a select few who target 200+ inch bucks. Trophy bass fishing and turkey hunts are also available at WOW.

Heading into southeast Alabama you will find piney woods full of Bob White Quail. Wildcat Creek Lodge, will provide you a memorable adventure behind some of the south's best working bird dogs.

If you are near the Gulf of Mexico, 5 Rivers Delta Safaris is a must visit. The best outfitters in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, 5RDS offers bowfishing and eco tours through the delta region. Owner, Kristian Aboud, has helped GOOU produce hog hunting and bowfishing videos in the delta with world-class outdoorsman Tom Boatwright, winner of Buckmasters and Field & Stream's Total Outdoorsman competition, and Chris Reed, winner of History's Channels Top Shot.

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Outfitter Special Deals Leavellwood
West Greene, AL 35491

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Outfitter Special Deals Chattokee Lodge
Gaylesville, AL 35973

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Outfitter Special Deals Water Valley Lodge
Gilbertown, AL 36908

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NEWEST GO Shooting Articles

Habitat Improvement 101 for the Bowhunter

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Bowhunting is all about getting up close and personal with the game animals we pursue. I like to call this getting into wolf range, inside the animal's personal space. Technology in the form of tree stands, scent eliminators and trail cameras have helped bowhunters tremendously over the years with getting close for those ethical, clean kill shots we all strive for. The next piece to that puzzle is creating an environment for those animals to be comfortable and relaxed, not to mention a place that they want to hang around frequently. Habitat improvement is the key, read on and I will show you some easy and inexpensive ways to do it.

An Alarming Trend in Concealed Carry that is No April Fools Joke!

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles

I find it curious, if not aggravating when I hear a lot of noise how evil guns are when a firearm is used during a heinous crime. It seems like it is part of the required news reporting.

What about other crimes and accidents?

Just last week we heard of the tragic stabbings at the high school in Pennsylvania but no talk about the weapon used. The media pundits spoke about the alleged criminal and how he must have had some mental problems. He was a social outcast. But they didn't talk knives that much. When a gun is involved, watch out.


Simple Smoked Wild Pork Shoulder

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Looking for a simple way to turn that wild boar you just killed into some delicious table fare? I have provided some simple steps and a list of common ingredients for a flavorful rub that will have your guests raving at your next get together. Just because wild boars are becoming a major nuisance does not mean we cannot utilize the meat they provide to the fullest. Read on to find out how.

Wildlife Art

Product ImageGlobal Outfitters publishing gallery promotes wildlife and adventure outdoor art. Including original works, prints, posters, sculptures, carvings and a range of other media. Working with artist worldwide to create and market their art.


1988-89 Alabama Duck Stamp
John Warr
See pricing and details Go to Wildlife Art Gallery

Wildlife Magazines

Wildlife MagazineGlobal Outfitters publishing gallery promotes wildlife and adventure outdoor art. Including original works, prints, posters, sculptures, carvings and a range of other media. Working with artist worldwide to create and market their art.


Florida Sport Fishing See pricing and details Go to Wildlife Art Gallery
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